How the Leopard Diablo Became Spirit

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I watched this video about a woman who trained herself to be able to communicate with animals. A big-cat sanctuary was having a problem with a very angry and aggressive black panther that had been brought to them. After six months, the sanctuary operators could find no way to calm the animal, who was very dangerous. The animal communicator, Anna, was allowed to attempt to speak with the animal. Within a few moments, she had let the panther know that there were no expectations for him to do, or be anything other than he was. That he was appreciated, and his greatness was recognized. The tension dissipated from the panther’s body and he became peaceful for the first time in six months. Later that afternoon, he left his cage to explore his sanctuary for the first time.  The caretakers were moved to tears. It was so beautiful.

If we are all truly so connected, with this capacity to commune with animals, what is our capacity to connect and communicate with each other?  It’s no wonder that things seem hard or miserable when we are not tapped into this greater power. When we allow others to be exactly as they are, with acceptance and appreciation, suddenly, the need to fight dissolves, and peace and love are there.

Credit: The Animal Communicator, 52 min documentary from NHU Africa

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